St. Pauls Community Hall, Magdalen Road
Norwich, NR3 4LN . Tel : 01603 219 195

Here we list some of the frequently asked questions you may have, and perhaps some you hadn’t thought of, to help give you all the information you need in making the decision about choosing Little People’s Montessori Nursery.  If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


When is the nursery open?

We are open Monday to Thursday 8am – 6pm and Friday 8am – 4pm. We operate all year round, with the exception of bank holidays and the week before the August bank holiday and the week between Christmas and New Year.


What nursery sessions do you offer?

8am – 1pm (breakfast and a hot lunch included).

1pm – 6pm (cold tea included).

8am – 6pm (breakfast, hot lunch and cold tea included).

8am – 4pm (breakfast and hot lunch included).

Meal times form an important part of the day at nursery, both for ensuring the children have the food they need to be able to work, play and grow and for the opportunity for personal and social development.


Will my child be required to bring anything with them when starting nursery?

Yes – generally parents send their children to nursery with a bag containing things that they may require that day such as sleep comforters and spare changes of clothes. Nappies and wipes can be stored at nursery in the bathroom. Please consider weather conditions and ensure your child has raincoats, wellington boots, sunhats and sun-cream as necessary.


What happens if I want to take my child out for a day or a week?

Please advise us if your child is not going to be attending nursery. Fees are payable for all days and non attendance including sickness and holidays.


What happens if I am delayed collecting my child?
Sometimes parents are unavoidably delayed.  Please let us know as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary concerns. Clearly lateness as a direct result of an emergency would be acknowledged. However, under no circumstance is lateness acceptable; it is unfair to children and to the staff.


How do I pay my nursery bill?

Nursery fees are payable one month in advance. You will receive a paper bill during the last week of a month which is to be paid before the 8th day of the following month.

The nursery accepts cheque and bank transfer payments.


Do you accept childcare vouchers?
Yes, we accept all childcare vouchers from employer schemes.  Check with your employer if they offer childcare vouchers.


My child is 3 years old – how do I get the free funding from the government?
Norfolk County Council state all three and four year old children are entitled to 15 hours (up to three 5hr sessions in a week) of free nursery education in the term following their 3rd birthday, for 38 weeks of the year (term time only). We will apply for your free funding from the local authority for the term after your child reaches three years old and the funding will be deducted from your nursery fees.


What will my child eat at nursery?

Throughout the day, the children enjoy a range of nutritionally balanced meals freshly prepared on site. We source our food organically and locally where possible. A fruit bowl is available for the children to have as they require. Milk and water are always available. We can accommodate all dietary and cultural requirements.