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Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming to nursery this week and it’s not just the children who are looking forward to the festivities. Before we look ahead we would love to tell you about what we have been up to over the past few months.
Claire has taken over the planning and delivering of movement classes. The children continue to get actively involved and during this term they have been practicing skills such as rolling a ball through a tunnel, and to knock down skittles and throwing a ball to their friends to catch. A very popular session was when the children went on a bear hunt. Just like in the story the children were hunting for the bear, acted marvellously by Gemma, they had to go through the ‘squelchy mud’ and the ‘swishy swashy grass.’ The children enjoyed it so much they wanted to do it again straight away.

We have also opened our doors to our 5 star Bug Hotel. The children took turns in small groups to fill the pallets with bricks, roof tiles, old pipe, pine cones, tree branches and leaves all donated to us by our wonderful families. The exercise was a total success with children working together, sharing ideas about what our hotel would need, testing their own strength carrying heavy blocks and all demonstrated pride in what they had achieved standing proudly for a photograph with their completed hotel. We put all of the photographs up in the bell tower for our parents to see and it’s inspired Bryony to develop the front garden further in the New Year and renew our link with Taverham Hall school and hopefully we can visit them for Forest School in the Spring and Summer term.

October and November always offer lots of opportunities to get creative. On Halloween the children designed our pumpkins, the faces were funny rather than scary faces this year! We also made spiders from egg boxes and bats decorated using our fingerprints in paint  On Bonfire Night the children worked together to make their own fire for the wall and individual fireworks pictures decorated with lots of glitter and paint. At the end of November was Diwali and it was lots of fun designing beautiful cards with rangoli patterns on and bejewelled tea-light holders made from clay.

At the end of October we also introduced our winter menu with some new menu additions. Whilst our old favourites have remained on we have all had clean plates following sausage and mash and lasagne. The nursery was also inspected in November by the Food Standards Agency and we were once again awarded the highest score of 5.

With lots of families visiting schools in preparation for making their child’s application for entry into school in Sept 2016, we felt it was vital that we were able offer knowledgeable support through the process. Danielle was thus appointed as Lead for Transitions. She has visited a number of our feeder schools asking lots of questions and making links with their teachers. She has found the experience very valuable and will continue to build on her links in the New Year.

We were also delighted to welcome Ella to our team in October and Laura in December. They are already extremely popular with the children and have taken on their new role with enthusiasm and passion.

Next week we will be performing our much practiced Christmas Show for our families. It’s always filled with lots of laughs and rounds of applause. We will be telling you all about it after Father Christmas has been to visit and hopefully brought us our very own Mud Kitchen. From everyone at Little People’s Montessori Nursery, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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on December 3rd, 2015

The end of an era for some is just the beginning for others!!

We continued to make the most of the sunny and warm days throughout July and August, knowing for well that the nights would soon be drawing in! Thankfully on show day the weather was kind to us, so after the children’s fabulous performance of ‘Humpty Dumpty’s Topsy Turvy Forest’ we were able to gather in the garden with our picnics. Families, children and teachers enjoyed getting together and positive feedback on the performance was the topic of conversation! For some whose children were performing for the last time before going to school, it was an emotional occasion so we ensured tissues were a plenty!

It was that time again in August whereby we said goodbye to those children due to begin their next chapter at big school! Emotions were running high, especially for those families who had seen more than one child through our door and we received some lovely thank-you cards and gifts of appreciation. Some children have already dropped by to tell us how they are getting on and give us a flash of their uniform!

As expressed in the title of this post, the end of an era is just the beginning for some and this month we have welcomed fifteen new children to the nursery. To support this new transition we have displayed a nursery timeline on our interactive wall to present the daily routines. The older children have been wonderful with helping to settle their new friends and the new children are all embracing their new environments. We are having lots of smiles and less tears every day.

There are lots of exciting things coming up at nursery over the next few months. Bryony and Paola will be working with the children to build a 5 star luxury bug hotel in the front garden. Bori and the children will be creating a big Autumn tree to display in the nursery, representing the leaves falling off the tree. Claire is introducing the new children to our movement class which they are all excited about. We are already thinking up some warm and hearty lunches to introduce into our Winter menu and dare I mention already that we have pencilled in a date for our Christmas show, Wednesday 9th December.

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on September 15th, 2015


They say ‘time flies when your having fun’ and the past month has certainly done just that! With only a few weeks to go until our annual summer show we are in full swing with the rehearsals. The children thoroughly enjoy learning the songs and dances and can’t resist giving sneak previews at home!

We have taken every opportunity to spend lots of time in the back garden, an environment which has been carefully reflected upon and consequently, we have introduced new activities to stimulate and enhance the children’s outdoor experiences. They have been observed showing similar levels of concentration and focus as demonstrated indoors. The children thoroughly enjoy our new water table, applying their practical life skills to pour, transfer, sieve, wash and peg clothes on the washing line. On a couple of sunny occasions we have enjoyed having our tea in the garden!

It is great to see our vegetables sprouting so well in the front garden and they are proving to be a topic of conversation to visitors of the setting. Our nursery cook, Paola, is extremely passionate about providing the children will locally produced foods – you can’t get much more local than on your doorstep!

This week we had a photographer visit the nursery. The children were in their element posing for both candid and portrait photographs. Luckily we were covered by our huge tree as the downpour came just in time for our outdoor group shot!

We are currently receiving feedback from our annual questionnaires and are honored and delighted with the positive comments. As always, we welcome elements of improvements and appreciate the ideas and suggestions from parents. It is our passion to continue to reflect on our practice, ensuring that the quality of care and education is outstanding.

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on June 25th, 2015

Super Spring

In April 2015 Little People’s Montessori Nursery was purchased by Great Yarmouth Community Trust. The charity was founded in 2001 and is an organisation that runs four other nurseries. You can find out more about the trust by visiting the website : We will continue to grow and flourish as a Montessori Nursery, with the trust commenting; “We have been excited about Little People’s since the first time we visited. We are so impressed with what we have seen, not least the professionalism and commitment of the staff. It makes no sense to change a setting that is working so well”.

As part of the change of ownership the nursery has undergone a staffing restructure with myself (Charlotte Lowthorpe) and Kate Hawkins being promoted from within as Nursery Managers. We work alongside each other in a joint role and are both extremely passionate and excited about the new position. In our absence, Danielle Metcalf and Bryony McCormick will be working as step in Deputy Managers to ensure that quality and consistency is maintained.

The children continue to relish and and enjoy their time at nursery and have responded brilliantly during the past couple of months. Kate and Gemma have introduced a movement class on a Tuesday morning to support their development of fundamental physical skills. They all really enjoy participating in this class and understand the importance of warming up and cooling down their bodies. They have learnt and developed a range of skills such as balancing, jumping, rolling, throwing and catching.

With summer looming we have been preparing our outdoor environment to ensure we can spend much of our time in the garden. As I write this it is raining with a fierce wind (we can only hope for a sudden heatwave!). We have provided the children with a fantastic sandpit which they use to mark make with sticks, fill containers and moulds and a common favourite; make birthday cakes! We have introduced clip-boards which allow them to take drawing materials outside and invested in some bats and balls thanks to those super Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers. Our water table is currently in the making; let’s hope when it makes it’s appearance the sun will follow suit!

Bori has designed an interactive wall display around the topic of nutrition to teach the children about ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ foods. The children group the pictured foods according to whether they think they are good for you and should be eaten all the time or not so good for you, therefore eaten occasionally. The children demonstrate super comprehension around this subject, linking conversations to what they eat at nursery and in particular what their families eat at home. We know all your secrets!

Next week see’s the start of the preparations and rehearsals for our annual Summer show!


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on June 2nd, 2015

Fabulous February

Bravery is the theme at nursery this month, inspired by the book ‘Brave Mouse’. It is a favourite choice by the children and after reading the story they enjoy contributing to discussions about what it means to be brave and identifying scenarios when they have displayed bravery. Trying their lunch has been a popular example along with going to the dinosaur park! Bryony set a super example of being brave as she worked with the children on many occasions to explore the cultural puzzle maps. She tells the children how she has developed her knowledge and gained increasing confidence in her ability by doing something that she was previously wary of!!!

The children have been extremely explorative with the pink tower, broad stair and red rods as they choose extensions to build. Examples include a robot, tower, castle and wall. Each design encourages the children to compare, categorise and order the materials whilst the process allows them to refine their senses. The children have been using the iPads with the help of their teachers to photograph their creations of which we are using to make an extension exercise book.

Love was certainly in the air at nursery this month as the children made valentines cards to give to that special someone. They ensured their cards looked the part as they decorated them with copious amounts of sequins, feathers and tissue paper. They were not shy in revealing who their card was for!

After our valentines celebrations it was the turn of the Chinese New Year. Charlotte read the story of the Chinese Zodiac; ‘The Great Race’, and the children expressed their enthusiasm for learning as they engaged and responded throughout. This exciting story explains how the twelve animals were chosen for the calendar and how their order was decided by a great race. The children made masks and coloured in pictures of sheep, festivals and celebrations to represent this year.

Kate made a ‘Norwich’ prepositions board to support children to learn the meanings of certain prepositions such as ‘in’, ‘under’, ‘on’ and ‘beside’. The children have shown super understanding and ability to follow instructions and place objects accordingly. It is a popular choice of activity, especially now that the board has been enlarged and is up on the wall. They have enjoyed placing objects of themselves around Norwich. Emma and Wanji are often found ‘on’ the runway at the airport!



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on March 3rd, 2015

A busy start to 2015 at Little People’s

Happy new year to you all! The children were delighted to be back at nursery and talked enthusiastically about their christmas holidays and the lovely presents they received from Father Christmas.

January has been a busy month and began with the children helping Wanji to pack away the christmas decorations. The room looked bare for at least a week! We had our annual visit from Norfolk County Council’s road safety officer Philip, who came to talk to us about the importance of being safe near the road. They listened and responded brilliantly to Philip and took away with them two very important messages; to always hold hands when crossing the road and to always wear a seat belt in the car.

Bori created a display wall about the Asian elephant to support the children’s interest in this continent. She used photographs to teach the children interesting facts, such as that an elephants trunk is strong enough to lift a grown up and that they are in the womb for nearly two years.

This month we have used our circle times to promote the concept of sharing; what it means and why its important. The children have responded positively and are trying hard to use their words when wanting a turn with something, whilst remembering that it is kind to share.

Turn-taking has been further encouraged as Kate brought in the game ‘Guess Who?’. The children have really enjoyed playing this and have gained an understanding of the concept and rules by observing each other play. They are able to identify a range of characteristics as well as recognise these on themselves.

We continue to be overjoyed with the ‘My Montessori Child’ iPad programme and the children have spent this month taking selfies to change their profile pictures! Some children have typed their own observations to annotate their photographs.

We have invested in two new books this month; ‘Atlas of Adventures’ which explores nature and traditions around the world and ‘A is Amazing’ which is a poem book about feelings. Both open up discussions and encourage the children to be inquisitive.

As the end of January is upon us of course the children were excited to see snow this week…although their enthusiasm along with the snow quickly disappeared. As we welcome February, we are pleased to be that little bit closer to lighter evenings and warmer weather!

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on January 30th, 2015


In September we welcome lots of new little people to our nursery and they are settling in brilliantly. The existing children have been playing an important role in caring, supporting and role modelling which has had a positive impact on the new children who are relishing in their confidence, discovering their interests and developing their skills.

Over the recent weeks the children have been particularly observant of the changing appearance to our beech tree, commenting on the colours of the leaves. They enjoyed painting their own interpretation of the tree and added hand written labels which we have displayed proudly in the nursery. To celebrate Halloween the children (some more keen than others!) helped Wanji to spoon out the pulp of two pumpkins which they decided to calve into a boy and a girl. We lit tea lights inside the pumpkins and turned the lights off to watch them glow! As expected we had lots of fun with glitter and glue to make sparkly fireworks pictures!

As christmas fast approaches us we are in full swing with the preparations for our show. The children are working hard to learn the songs and dances with some families being lucky enough to get a sneak preview at home! Kate is enjoying supporting the children to paint rainbow fish on their 2015 calendars and the snowman hand-print tea towels are currently in production. The real festivities will begin next week when the christmas tree takes pride of place in the nursery. No doubt the children will be on hand to assist with the bauble hanging!

December brings continued excitement for the nursery as we will be receiving our official accreditation award. We celebrate our Accredited status as a wonderful achievement for our setting as it confirms our dedicated approach to children’s learning, development and well-being. Charlotte and Danielle are proud to be attending the Montessori Schools Association awards ceremony in London this month to collect our shiny plaque which we will ensure gets polished regularly!


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on November 26th, 2014

Initial Accreditation Visit

As you are aware our Montessori Nursery is working towards achieving the Montessori Education Assessment Board (MEAB) Accreditation. We have always been committed to the delivery of high quality care and education and believe that through becoming an accredited setting it will re-enforce our dedicated approach to children’s well-being. For you as parent’s accreditation confirms that our setting fulfills the criteria of high quality Montessori provision, it meets expected national regulatory standards and demonstrates effective links with parents.


On Friday 9th May our setting had its initial visit by an MEAB assessor. This experience included detailed observations of the nursery practice, talks with the children, staff and parents and presentations of documents. Although we are not able to publish our initial report we can proudly confirm that this was an extremely positive experience with outstanding feedback received. As part of this process we have been given some recommendations to improve on our already ‘outstanding’ practice. The nursery will spend the next few months working towards achieving these recommendations ahead of our second visit which is scheduled to take place on Friday 15th August. During this visit the assessor will be observing the progress made and prepare a final report.

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on May 30th, 2014

Nursery Photo and Cake Sale

Please note that a group photograph will be taken at 10:30am on Thursday 12th June 2014. If your child usually attends on a Thursday morning they will be included in this and an individual photograph will also be taken. If your child does not normally attend on a Thursday morning you are welcome to bring them in and stay with them until their individual and group photograph have been taken.

Bring and Buy Cake Sale for Cancer Research 

We are also taking this opportunity to host a cake sale to raise money for Cancer Research. Please help us to support this fantastic cause by bringing and buying yummy cakes! We are hoping to beat our highest figure raised so far, which stands at £213.21.

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on May 30th, 2014

“Our blossom tree looks beautiful!”

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You can’t help but be enthralled by our super blossom tree which is situated in the front garden!! The children often comment on its appearance describing it as “pretty”, “beautiful” and “colourful”. They had a brilliant time creating their own representation of the blossom tree, working from photographs to inspire them.

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on April 10th, 2014

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